donderdag 27 maart 2008

Gush Kativ

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In remembrance of the people of Gush Kativ and all those that will be the victims of treacherous leaders that deal treacherous. Alas, Islam as portrayed in the movie depicted above is not the cause of the problem, but those responsible for the debacle of Gush Kativ and all those villages and towns ( Sep 2:4 ) that already have and those that will follow have all been betrayed by their own people, their own kin. One does not need to fear the sons of Ismael, those begotten by the Egyptian slave Hagar whose promise and blessing is based upon the law of mount Sinai, the law of the flesh ( Gal 4:23 ) Most danger emanates from those who call themselves Jews but are not ( Revelation 3:9 ) Those that give away land for peace in the two-state Roadmap and sanction, and even so enforce it. ( Dan 11:30 ) More information: Those understanding basic Hebrew will hear these precious Jews are returning to the Lord in the Synangogue ( @3:30 ) and moments later THEIR OWN KIN removing them from their SACRED PREMISES.

maandag 24 maart 2008

Sigur Ros - Heima

Sigur Ros - Heima
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This weekend I saw some high-definition footage of Iceland through the eyes and experiences of Sigur Ros by means of their new DVD called Heima. The physical distance between two very similar kinds of 'folk' couldn't be further apart; yet I found striking similarities between the Boerevolk/Afrikaners of South Africa and the locals of Iceland. It can't be called coincidence that supporters of the Boerevolk are also to be found in Iceland.

dinsdag 11 maart 2008

Ubuntu - Almelo part 2 ; Finkers, Wilders and Bunkers

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By now some of you must have noticed I'm Dutch, ( and an SA expat, but that's something for another day ) but before the whole Internet grinds to a squeetching halt in certain parts of the World because of the 'Fitna' movie I'm catching the early wave.

In my previous post regarding radiating matters I briefly touched on the connection between Almelo where ( according to Mr. Herman Finkers, a local stand-up comedian ) the traffic light is the #1 attraction of the town, a Pakistani scientist and a Wild man called Wild-ers.

Now, for this post today I've added another acronym; 'Bunkers'. This points to my birthday present; a Gamma Scout. Yes, on the 13th next month I'm gathering funds for this nifty little device for sale at conrad for the paltry sum of 299 euros ( 499$ )

I've indended to own such a device for years now, and the time has arrived for me to purchase such an item and store it next to the potassium iodine. I advice all those residing in Western Europe and the US Eastern Seaboard to follow suit. It's the price of 'freedom'.

If anyone wants to use my Gamma Scout when they need it they can; now that's Ubuntu

vrijdag 7 maart 2008

Rand collapse

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Look and see the South African market losing 45% value in 2.5 years: its the Euro/Rand 2.5 Year - with the red line as 50 days average.

Good news: somewhere along the line this situation will stabilise

Bad news: it'll get worse before that level will be found

After level is found and sustained chances are it'll once again collapse to the R14-15 range. Get used to a Rand thats 'cheap'.

The Euro will also get stronger. Hope for the ailing Rand and SA economy is a cheaper dollar; which is also on the charts;

Update: the 100 & 200 day average are also pointing north.... which means that the Rand will go down to the 14-15R against the euro even sooner and on the longer term even more, Real Soon Now(c). Additional source

This coin is definately broken.

Update 2:


....inflationary pressure from necessary power price rises along with the real risk of a currency collapse will prevent the central bank from cutting rates. Clearly this bear case does not touch upon the upcoming social upheaval from Zuma taking power. Sadly I think there is enough to worry about even without that.

repeat : " real risk of a currenly collapse "

Additional linked document:

woensdag 5 maart 2008

Flashing a HTC S710/e650/Vox

Flashing a S720/e650/Vox
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Yes, thats a Linux boot loader. The code is injected into the memory of the Windows Mobile 6 driven device. After flashing the device it will run WM 6.1 ( think: vista look ) I've had some bad problems with this thing, and hope they'll go away by flashing the critter.
Update: nah :)