maandag 27 februari 2017

Aeon Card Interview - Michael Tsarion (Hour 1)

Godspeed You Black Emperor - The Dead Flag Blues

The thread is on fire, and there's a tripfag as the OP
and the dubs are all muddied with a thousand lonely digits
and Moot is no more

The admin is corrupt
and we're on so many bans
with pirated music on and our shutters down

We're trapped in the belly of this horrible site
and the site is crashing with no survivors

4chan has fallen down
and the boards are all fearing
and the stormfags are shitposting all over /pol/

It went like this:

The chan tumblr'd in on itself
Redditors posting memes
picked through the archives
and still can't grow pubic hair

The robots were beautiful on salt
All twisted normies getting on their board
Everyone trolling our sacred orange boards

I said, "have a sad cum bb,
I haven't seen Lavren waifufagging on /mu/ in days"
You bumped my thread
and there we posted shit
like "kill yourself, fag"
or top kek

I visited /b/ one morning
and scroll a little down
It's still the valley of traps
I open up my thread
and it's full of replies