woensdag 30 januari 2008


Oblivion 2008-01-29 23-07-49-50
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The old saying goes: " You no mess with lo-wang "
With my dai-katana ( pun intended ) one has a very big, beautiful and, compelling gameplay in Oblivion. After this the addon pack awaits; this is just awesome, I didn't had as much fun since the text adventure 'The Hobbit' on ye ole MSX ( yes, that was 1984 ) with this sort of stuff.

dinsdag 1 januari 2008

NYC nuked

NYC nuked
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Just to make everyone more happy this just popped in. Better late then never, they say.
Wanna have another 2k8 prediction, here it is, and I must say it's vastly over due.

1) break-in into and theft of uranium & plutonium at an SA enrichment facility

2) gathering of important information pertaining the build and practical use of an nuclear arm

3) light earthtremors registered at an undisclosed, remote location in Waziristan/Sinai desert.

4) and, a couple of months later 2 separate yet simulaneous nuclear detonations downtown NYC & Washington DC.

The last 3 links were googled in a matter minutes. Wanna stay at the eastern seaboard ?
Get your Potassium Iodine here: http://www.ki4u.com. Microsoft might ship Windows Server 2008, but who cares ?

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Oh yeah: happy new year

And who's going to moan when those guys come here ?

It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye, they say.
'We' as EU are seen in this liveleak movie how a a part of the Dutch army attacks the Afghan people. And when this backfires to Dutch soil those setting up this are going to say: " You see !? We were right all along"

Truth is that EU/NL forces are fighting not rebuilding in Afghanistan and this will backfire. I could and can write a whole bunch about this but in short for now I'll summarise the next geopolitical rant with a famous local dutch saying :

Het stoplicht staat op rood
Het stoplicht staat op groen
In Amelo is altijd wat te doen

I'm planning to tell domething about Pakistan next time, after that some deep prophetic theological pice. Maybe it's because it's the 1th day of the Gregorian Year, but that in itself is total subject on its own.