donderdag 12 maart 2009

Out to Africa

Our SA Permanent Residence permit has been approved. To celebrate this I placed 'die Nuwe Nuwe SA vlag' to the right. Enjoy.

zondag 8 maart 2009

Liquidation phase almost ended ?

With the volume surge of last Friday people wonder; is this the final sprint to the bottom ? Some experts agree which means bad news for the dollar, as the liquidation phase which generates a lot of demand for the dollar will start to wear off; putting the current dip into the next phase; stagflation.

Meanwhile on this side of the ocean all seems peachy for the EU Mainlanders; macro economic numbers continue to come out less worse then expected ( deja-vu 2003 ); the island just in front of the EU mainland called the UK continues to sink together with its 'friend' the USA.

For those versed into Sieners' writings all this should hardly be a surprise.

Update 9/3 : I would like to remind people about the bank holiday warning that Mr. Wilkerson gave off all those years ago. Stock market really is at an important level right now and it still cuts through previous resistance like a knife through butter; traders could become very frustrated and throw away the market, as soon as this week.

woensdag 4 maart 2009

Without a doubt these last days have been interesting regarding the activity towards the preparations of returning to Africa. My current feelings toward it are very much encapsulated in the movie Dune. As are parts of our current life here in NL, or should I say Caladan; the preparations and investing into this diversified future echo in 'the beginnings' as displayed in the prologue of the movie. The outcome of this very planet in other parts; per usual hidden in plain view.

As my ancient 1993 site already stated; The spice must flow...

zondag 1 maart 2009

Limbaugh, arranging deckchairs....

... on the USA Titanic.

With Obama at the helm..... The left right paradime is such an expensive illusion.

Note: the ticker at the bottom of the snapshot.
Crash are you ready ?