zondag 31 mei 2009

Peter Schiff Vlog Report 29 May 2009

Was Tabula Rasa too close ?

As the main servers for this MMORPG shut down, it would be interesting what to do with the client. Downloading it now, would be nice to have some more information pulled out of the game. This thing is close, close.

Update: okay, this game sucked... the plot looked good though. Execution was not nominal.

Peace, peace

The magic uhm... man is, just like me later this year, paying a short visit to Cairo. According to Debka chances are relatively high that 'the One' will be speaking at the main Sunni Mosque & Mufty. Nice to see, or at least it looks as though, things are coming to a close.

Link: http://www.debka.com/headline.php?hid=6101

zaterdag 30 mei 2009

vrijdag 29 mei 2009

For the SA Expat cowards and SELLOUTS

I'm about to go ballistic on those fag SA expats that sit around all day getting FATTER every fucking time I have the FUCKING privilege to see them.

For those cowards and SELLOUTS that also carry a certain Dutch passport that entitles them TO FUCK AROUND in NL and crap out to go back to their homeland and actually BECOME PRODUCTIVE and ACHIEVE SOMETHING !

The risk they take by NOT DOING ANYTHING AT ALL is that they will die from radiation disease and be lowered in thick lead coffins IF THEY FUCKING 'choose' to STICK AROUND and sip some more BRANDYCOKE down the hatch and say its guidance from tha LORD that you stay in NL.

Because of you FUCKERS I as a dutchy now need to go down there with the family AND SORT your FUCKING shizzle out so you can get your LAZY ASS hauled over some time later to sit on my stoep ? AND on top of that you state it's my JOB ? Go FUCK YOURSELF all you lazy wankers. Your country was stolen because you let it be stolen after you committed abomination after abomination and lost what was obtained by blood sweat and tears.

SO FUCK THAT ! Neo colonization mode is now fully ON !

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VO6ucOnBwHA

/Chav mode off

I'm not angry. I'm being a tough guy Because I read AE too much and those SA expat lazy asses NOT being in gear plus today I booked tickets to take me over there :P And can later say: I did it for the LOLZORZ

Promise not to this again.... really... this just had been brewing, and its now out of the system, over with. Will contunue with a really interesting post. Something about Europe and radiation disease due to Atomic fallout. Really. Pakistan

dinsdag 19 mei 2009

Sigur Ros - Glosoli (Lowlands 2008)

Because they are too good and my UK based aunt visited us today and pointed out the fact that my english had an distinct 'South Effriken accent' since the last time we met. What a blast that was, the british are soo ... british, marvellous. Gods' speed Aunti !

zondag 17 mei 2009

Jacob Zuma dances at his latest wedding.

Thank God for putting an absolute hedonistic moron at the top of the current SA's political structure. Will make a lot of work look very easy. For this is so obvious for every western, civilized nation and company that replacing this regime just became literally a lot more easy so sell.

Now we just need to sit down wait and see that when M passes away some 300k odd ppl to attend the funeral and when they leave the country we've got a Molotov's cocktail of the likes the world, or at least SA, has never seen.

From that point on, SA will never be the same, or will some pieces become more recognizable ? Like dusting an old book you haven't read the last 15 odd years.

maandag 4 mei 2009


After all the fuss about NYC you would almost forget AC in DC. Duality is such an underestimated force in this world....

Luk 21:25b/26 upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

vrijdag 1 mei 2009

SA Stocks and Mines

A Siener weekend it is. I found some stuff that I filed back in 2006, and lo and behold an answer as to how deep the recession will go for SA. In Afrikaans.You really didn't think we're at the bottom ehj ? Far from it

You can't handle the truth

You're addicted to lies, and don't know it. Cold.turkey.now.