vrijdag 28 december 2012

John Murphy & Underworld | "Mercury" | Sunshine Sound Track

How manifold it is, what thou hast made!
They are hidden from the face (of man).
O sole god, like whom there is no other!
Thou didst create the world according to thy desire,
Whilst thou wert alone: All men, cattle, and wild beasts,
Whatever is on earth, going upon (its) feet,
And what is on high, flying with its wings.
The countries of Syria and Nubia, the land of Egypt,
Thou settest every man in his place,
Thou suppliest their necessities:
Everyone has his food, and his time of life is reckoned.
Their tongues are separate in speech,
And their natures as well;
Their skins are distinguished,
As thou distinguishest the foreign peoples.
Thou makest a Nile in the underworld,
Thou bringest forth as thou desirest
To maintain the people (of Egypt)
According as thou madest them for thyself,
The lord of all of them, wearying (himself) with them,
The lord of every land, rising for them,
The Aton of the day, great of majesty.


Michael Tsarion (Short clips) (playlist)

Ancient Aliens - The Cygnus Mystery

zaterdag 22 december 2012

French reptilian Hybrid girl on TV in 2009

The lady details how a guy dumped her because he 'felt very uncomfortable' with her genetic anomalies. Also look at the high cheekbones, the speaking eyes, her tongue tasting the air around her. Not very good footage as its taken directly from a TV set, but then again....  other footage should be around, will look for it.

200,000 Year Old Annunaki Cities Discovered in Africa