donderdag 27 november 2008

911 a thermite job

911 a thermite job
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You can even see detonation and cutting marks in this footage.

And in this we're even looking at the future through the lense of these recent released/leaked images. At least according to debka :

Al Qaeda says order given for US attack “far bigger than 9/11”

Now... a nuclear attack by AQ, what would be the answer to that ? Wait don't tell... I think I know.

zondag 23 november 2008

And there goes City

Remember my blogpost about citygroup, right after AIG got scuttled a month or so ago. Look at the graph on the left: same amount of shares 'traded' or is it dumped ?

City's toast. Should be interesting, next week.

zaterdag 22 november 2008

Roger Teale, Durban Tent meeting in April'94

For those in SA you might want to skip to minute #50

Op 53 minute; herhaal hy die profesie van Siener oor die Gees van verskrikking; en die advies om in die huis te bly en vergelyk die met die oordeel van die Here in die vooraand van die vryheid van die Israeliers in Egypte.

Op 1:06 minute praat hy oor mense wat glad nie deur het wat aan gaan.
Op 1:07 minute profeteer hy over SA en Durban, en die komende groot moeilikheid.
Op 1:15 : "The word of the Lord will be: they will close the airport " En hy sketst die prentjie baie mooi.
Op 1:20 handel dit oor die (on)gehoorsaamheid en die geduldigheid van die Here met Lot.
Op 1:22 "Surely a sore evil shall come over the land"

dinsdag 4 november 2008

Obama the Xaviour

obama inverted halo 666
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If this truly is the man, this last president, then he will :

- broker a peace treaty with Israel right after the start of the first term.
- deadly wounded by a head injury, and revived as a medical miracle.
- command to deploy the beast system in most of the western world.

And if so then I'll unfortunately have to agree with several more exotic interpretations of Kains' story in Genesis and yeah, and that would certainly suck.

When this is the case then McCain & Palin were running against the man himself. Should bring in more then enough decoration for them.

Apparently its really almost over, nice. We like.