donderdag 14 augustus 2008

Koeberg Radius Chart

Koeberg Radius
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Okay, according to some of the anonymous readers of my blog ( you know who you are , hehe ) I should quit gaming and let the cat out of the bag regarding old-School Siener Prophecies.

Well because I'm bored again, I thought it would be nice to inform people that South Africa will lose its license to operate a nuclear powerstation because they'll effectively lose the only one they've got. Shouldn't surprise anyone, or did it ?

Link to the text of the prophecy in Afrikaans

Koeberg on google maps.

zondag 10 augustus 2008

the Georgian War, prophetically.

Clearing the way
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All right, while trying out the l33test UT3 mods ( you should really try out the BR-mod ) another important piece for the Mideast puzzle fell into place; The Gog Magog war as described in Ezechiel 38 is a (semi-botched) full scale attack on Israel, but the NATO backup that Georgia had received the last 12 years or so this was kind of a cork on that bottle. The genie now definitely has come out, paving the way for access for the Russian-Chino forces to advance unhindered into the Middle East war-theatre.

This Georgian 'obstacle' has now thoroughly been removed; 'clearing' the way for the Russian-Chino march to commence, made possible at a later stage. Their military leaders might not be aware but when the Iranian war/attack takes place and Israel receives the brunt of the 'blame' for it the way from the North is cleared from now on.

There are according to debkafile 100k Russian troops in the Georgia arena, with more pouring in while the Georgian army is almost wiped out completely. The Russians & accompanying bands ( note the Ezechiel 38 reference ) should go back before all this stuff with Iran gets attention. Should be up next.

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