zaterdag 12 juni 2010

Avatar 1080p hurts

Originally uploaded by twobombs
Scored a 12GB Avatar 1080p last week and decided to take a look at it. The graph here indicates high usage of GPU 'Video Engine Load' between 45-80%

I've never seen this before with any of the 1080p material, no not even the 'Earth' documentary would get either one of the CPU cores nor my GTX260s out of their Idle slumber-sleep.

Not this one.

So I'm scrubbing all of those 1080p mediaplayer thingies. No way that they can do this without some serious horsepower. Not with these sort of streams.

Oh, and I also ran Avatar on 4 screens in what could be called 2160p and it was awesome! Will look to add one more screen on the top of the 4 screen setup and then it's bye-bye to 1080p :P

Yah, I saw some frame drops in that mode; NV's june 256 driver update should fix that; me rig is already in Multi-screen Multi-GPU mode. Us early 256-driver birds are told to wait for the june code to see the automatic spread of CUDA and other GPU related code execution over multiple cards in action.