zaterdag 31 maart 2012

Disc Encounter

In this prime example of GPGPU 3D Flame acceleration a dualcore would need a year to compute all the frames that are visible in this clip. Soon an upgrade will be performed to push the amount of CUDA cores well above 2000; once again, and even more, testing the limits of the leveraged 2x8 core AMD Opteron board.

Estimated performance at that newer level could quite possibly exceed the speed of 500 quadcore computers ( now ~@350 QC's ) Beyond that level i'll have to either find a way to overclock the Magny Cours or upgrade to the Istanbul 2x12 or 2x16 cores.... The current Opteron board will scale beyond Piledriver's 20-24 core processors; in theory allowing ~40-48 cores of CPU computing power; with leveraged GPGPU in mind that would take the overall peak performance to 5-7x the current ( north of 2000 quadcores ) in 2013