donderdag 11 juni 2009

Against all odds, a great man has died.

Oh yeah, and here is part 2 on the SA sellouts. It's got a hidden truth in it, and why oh why it all just happened to happen and why it looks as though Mr. Bill talks with someone I know very well. Such a dilemma, more later ?

zondag 7 juni 2009

USA; you're done, over and out, dealt with.

Well, it's about time to come out of the closet now, shouldn't we ?

With Jim Searcy firing off what should've sparked every born again Christian on this planet, well then. Then this is it. The good side is that no-body believes a-ny-thing anymore these days, so thats a worry not to be worried about. For SURE the USA will be attacked and major cities destroyed on obama's watch.

Never, ever, have I seen a spectacle in the likes of the words spoken by "the One" in Cairo. For in this lineage 'the great saviour' can easily declare himself and those of his following to be God and stand against the true Messiah; at the doorstep of Jesus Christ' return, no less.

Jer 51:7 Babylon [hath been] a golden cup in the LORD'S hand, that made all the earth drunken: the nations have drunken of her wine; therefore the nations are mad.
Jer 51:13 O thou that dwellest upon many waters, abundant in treasures, thine end is come, and the measure of thy covetousness.
Jer 51:43 Her cities are a desolation, a dry land, and a wilderness, a land wherein no man dwelleth, neither doth [any] son of man pass thereby.
Jer 51:46 And lest your heart faint, and ye fear for the rumour that shall be heard in the land; a rumour shall both come [one] year, and after that in [another] year [shall come] a rumour, and violence in the land, ruler against ruler.


donderdag 4 juni 2009

Ann Clark - Jarre - Crockets' theme

Hier nog een paar, voor nul74 en de 80s !

Tanz den Obama

Predictions, notepad ready ?
- Iran lights a nuke
- USA attacks and tramples
- Fascist state will collapse
- Israel attacked; millions killed
- Damascus retaliation according to Isa 17
- Second Coming

For old times sake hier ist 80's band RAF, ich meine DAF

woensdag 3 juni 2009

For the Afrikaners to ponder about.

BIOS edit: 2 years now

After blogging for almost 2 years now a very personal blob of mine. After all, this is a blog.... ? It's been 2 years since I started a project for modifying the BIOS of the eveyday workhorse called the KFN5DSLI. It's very much a boutique build and a very rare motherboard of which Asus quite possibly has a loss selling; yeah its an AMD Opteron board. Well, now due to the lack of BIOS updates and OCL option in that BIOS I started hacking the board and ended up creating OCL scripts for all motherboards based on the MCP55Pro chipset. Yeah, so it got outta hand :) Recently AMD released new Opteron revisions but ASUS never even hinted towards releasing any BIOS updates for the KFN motherboards, so I decided to go on the lone trail once again and insert special code into an existing BIOS to make it possible to run the newer chips into the motherboards.

And that I've known.... It takes a lot of time and a good setting to do this, and today I'm once again at it. As a maximum I spend 2 to 3 hours on this during weekdays.... for more then 3 months now on an intensified way.

Until now my score has been good; what I started ended in a satifying result, but this mod, like previous mods in 2007, haven't been done before but would be groundbreaking if succesfull.

Working on that then.