dinsdag 28 juli 2009

Party Van & Nijmeijer Rant

Okay, I hope to get all this wrapped into one posting; and I don't mind if the 4chan partyvan is parked outside my livingroom after publishing this.

Some people believe that I am like or part and parcel of some sort of Tanja Nijmeijer-style liberation army to liberate South Africa from its current oppression. This, apparently, is taken up as a 100% fact; a genuine gem of truth to be found in the piles of postings that I made on teh Interwebs the last decade or two.

Now, to settle all scores, level al l accounts, and for future reference I hereby declare this to be genuine FACT. I am an active bible wielding contra-revolutionary Orania-trained militant bent on destroying the hedonistic occupier forces of Southern Africa and will stop at nothing to help and erase this pest and a pleage. To be more presice: I am a freedom fighter, fighting for the liberation of 'die Regte Afrikaners'.

Yes, I am registered and have accumulated major kudos at right wing and ultra nationalistic internet forums and can disassemble & revise a nuclear bomb, and can do so blindfolded. Yes, I worked at Dodewaard nuclear plant in the early 90's and saw radiation glistering in the pool that has a sign that reads:"
no swimming" .

Furthermore I am very much a supporter of Mr. Verwoerd's plan for SA whereby separated development is obtained for all races occupying this arse end of the world, otherwise known as Southern Africa.

Now, before you get the shock out of your system then let me also bring you to your attention that freedom fighters are a well known export product of the locality where I currently live. The same hat on the pictures above is no coincidence by any means; all know that those wearing an army bushcap with flaps sideways are all known to be left-right and center extremists.

Enjoy your day,
Aryan Blaauw aka TwoBombs

Ps: yes, also in this post the main focus is that I did this for the lolz0rs. keyword: 9000. For great justice.

zaterdag 18 juli 2009

What you always wanted to know about low-level BIOS hacking

... but were afraid to ask.

Could be good name of a fictitious, forthcoming low level BIOS modding book. But the picture on the right here ( click for a slightly larger version ) should be able to summarize what it takes to byte(bit?)patch a routine that got compiled together with the 1B main BIOS routine. On the percentage scale I'm half way and it took (me) 2 years to get there. The remainder of the !gesa mod lies there in plain view on the table. Try and fit that.

But anyway; replacing Barcelona code with Istanbul machina-ex.

donderdag 16 juli 2009

1Gkey p/s and room to spare

With the speed of home PCs increasing like there is no tomorrow this Socket F drop-in replacement of a doubledoublecore to a doublequadcore, plus the option to add another videocard like the GF260/295 again doubling/quadrupling the GPU score performance wise it seems the sky is the limit.

Also interesting to note is that the 8 cores @2.4 GHz roughly perform @one third of the speed of the videocard @ 1.4 Ghz with 216 dedicated cores.

The GPU obviously wins in a performance-per wattage, performance-per-euro situation. If only an OS could run on it, right Mr. NV CEO Tsuang ?

zondag 5 juli 2009

275 acres = 24km2

It's a bit scary, but that's actually the size of the estate, our new home in SA.

The next question is, how many EU refugees are hidden in this picture ?