dinsdag 3 augustus 2010

Giants Blob

This is REALTIME footage of a program called boxplorer that renders a very interesting new phenomenon called mandel blob; a 3D form of a fractal. Now we really can travel into, throughout and look beyond the 2D fractaline world.

Music by the recently released Chicane Album 'Giants' @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ng85ZgHBXOo

All I can say... GIANT upgrade on the PC, was broken to the point that I almost wanted to go out and buy an AMD Socket F Quadsocket SLi. But then, only then, in the middle of despair the solution came; modded the VGA boards by flashing in newer BIOSes, bought an additional 8800GT repaired that one, flashed it too, rewired the box, replaced 1 ( of 3) PSUs. By now juice is close to 1KW on full tilt. Now steady 2TFlop performance without crashing, but heat, heat, heat, heat.

The rendering mode is 3D surround SLi on 3 screens; max resolution now is 3840x1024. I've got some beautiful screenshots but the resolution is just way beyond what the regular online photo sites offer, so no link (yet)

Hope you enjoy this trip into the brand new 3D fractaline world, I know I did.

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