dinsdag 13 april 2010

More Harkonen Battle Chatter

Update - 14/3'10 - added ET YT clips

After careful analysis I dare say it: Mandela is a target for revenge after the brutal slaying of this white leader and subsequent release of the 2 'suspects'. No, not yet Uhuru.... WC tickets anyone ?


[..] "Ons wil met die minister hieroor praat," het Visagie gesĂȘ. "Ons wil hom hy moet die inligtingsdienste hiervan weerhou... want hulle begin 'n oorlog. Ons mense raak kwater en kwater." [..]


WND - War on white South Africa

"Blacks outside the courthouse were singing … songs from the struggle for majority rule that finally came in 1994 after years of state-sponsored violence by the white minority regime and urban guerrilla warfare waged by the African National Congress."


received by email: "Ek hoor dat mense reken, weet nie of dit inligting van die grond af is nie, maar dat die oorlog tussen 10-12 Junie sal begin. Julius het duidelik laat verstaan dat hy nie na Zuma luister nie en volgens hom word hy verkeerdelik aangekla van die dood op 'n 'wit rassistiese ou man'."


AWB Blog full of contingency plans:

[...] Quickly appoint some leaders, preferably men with military backgrounds. [...] You must be in charge of the armoury and the petrol stations. All food in homes and supermarkets must be shared. If you find that you have any people who want to help the enemy send them out to join your enemy. THOSE THAT ARE TRAPPED IN SITUATIONS THAT SEEM IMPOSSIBLE. Fight, fight with all your might. Fight to kill not to be killed.


Interesting part is that, other then in similar previous events, the threat is perceived to come from the outside; no offensive is planned. A sudden attack is triggered by 'an event' and as result a massive attack is already expected. What also is different is that almost all people are sober; ie: they are calculating that this will die down ( in a good way ) and are not hyped up in any way. That is very different with what we had during the 2007-event. People really are sobered up, with their perception sharp.

quote: "een moe os stoot gou","maak die Boere maar moeg, en seer genoeg, ons gaan stoot"


Ek vra een vra: Hoe seer kan die Boere nog gemaak word na die voorval wat vanlaasweek gebeur het ? Janee, ek se wat ek se. En dit is die katalis die agent van verandering in die 2e helfte van hierdie jaar.
Update 15/4
[...] called upon Boere Afrikaners to stop voting as "there is no chance we will ever win". He said South Africa,[...], was now a country Boere Afrikaners did not want to be part of.

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