donderdag 28 januari 2010

An SA dream

Against 'traditional' wisdom I hereby publicly post a dream that I had when our little family visited George, South Africa, to pick up our Permanent Resident permit.

I dreamt it was night, and as I stood on the ground and looked to the pitch black sky I saw a crescent moon in an otherwise black heaven. As I looked at this phenomenon another full moon appeared right next to the first one and I saw that right after the second moon appeared and I wondered about not only one but two moons in the sky, all the stars in heaven became visible, and together with it and the bright light of both moons the earth now became illuminated, and not only could one see the stars, constellations, galaxies very precise (it felt as thought this was very important)

I looked at the land in front of me and I saw that the light of both the crescent, second full moon and stars illuminated the whole country (side)

Conventional wisdom seems to point to an expose of the darkness in which the county has plunged itself into in recent years; the one-and-a-half moon could indicate a time frame in which things will set themselves up. The next full moon will be @ 28 Feb'10. ( Source: the Lunarphase program )

Nevertheless; keep on breathing !
Will follow this up as information comes out.

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