vrijdag 28 augustus 2009

Celestial Timing Mechanisms

A fast one; remember Bjork's Constellation from the Album MedĂșlla ? Cross examine this with the concept of the Stargate. When the desired Constellation arrives, in this sense meaning the right time is reached, in a sense, in that events and circumstances are set into motion even marked.

The study on the precession of the Equinox demands us to asks ourselves; is there such a thing as a convergence of time like a clock that is set (into motion).

Like you know when its 2 minutes before midnight it is about to sound (an alarm) that indeed it is 12 o'clock. To try and stop the clock would be foolish; there are other clocks ticking.

Some of those clocks are from the late 17th century European made, others early Mayan, even 5000 year old writings specifically talk about constellations and spherical movement across the sky.

Anyway.... enjoy the show.

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